Thursday, October 1, 2015

Roller Girl
-Victoria Jamieson

This is by far, one of the best graphic novels I have read thus far.  Astrid is a twelve year old that has always done everything with her best friend Nicole.  Now as the two girls enter into a new phase of life, their lives seem to be taking different paths.  Enter the world of Roller Derby...I was super excited to see this sport woven into this story.  I also love Astrid, following her journey of self discovery is awesome.  This is a great story for girls, roller derby fans, anyone who wants to read a story that shows readers it's okay to be who you are should read this novel.  You will not be disappointed! #GNCelebration


  1. Looks exciting, I will definitely be checking this one out from the library!

  2. We absolutely loved this book! Have you read Sunny Side Up by Jenny and Matthew Holmes? It is an amazing GN about a very powerful subject.

    1. Yes, I got an ARC a while back and absolutely loved it. I am also a huge fan of El Deafo, Nimona and Lumberjanes.

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